The life of an overachieving teenager

Dec 20

holiday season

So obviously I haven’t updated this in months, and I know that sux. However, i have a lot to say, so here goes: I’m now a sophomore, and to be honest, it’s hard. The work load is upped and some of the teachers seriously suck. However, i feel like this year, i also have great friends which makes everything easier. I feel like despite the fact that there are def some who hate me, my friends make it all better. I feel like they will always be there for me :) I’m also rowing this year which is going really well. The workouts are hard but they are totally worth it. I don’t know if it’s due to the release of endorphins or because I’ve never pushed myself like this before, but either way, it’s wonderful. I am def getting involved this year, I’m in many clubs and I like being this busy, sometimes it just lets me not think about the shit in my life (although recently there hasn’t been a lot of it).

Well, I’ll try to update soon again, for now, I’ll just do like the song and defy gravity

Dec 20

Defying Gravity (glee)

Aug 21

"No Way Out" This Century

Aug 12

"Happy" Nevershoutnever!!

Jul 30

life is fucked

so i’m offically leaving the country for two weeks. SHOOT ME NOW!!

Its not that i don’t love leaving, but this is possibly the worst time ever. I’m starting to get in shape and shit and now i have to leave the fucking country in order to c my family.  Don’t get me wrong, i love them dearly but i just wish they would come here. I mean why is my family obligated to come visit EVERY year and they never do. The only time people actually came was 10 years ago when my sister was born. How lame is that?! And every year, after we leave, they promise they will come and visit, wanna know how many visitors we’ve had…ZERO!

life is fucked….just gotta deal with it

Jul 25

Volleyball camp!

So this past week, i went to volleyball camp. I love volleyball, but this camp was pretty brutal. I have about 12 bruises on my forearms from digging the ball (i’m a backrow player, so when the other team spikes the ball, i’m usually the one that gets it). However, despite these injuries, i love it! They worked as really hard, making us run and do lunges and squates and i don’t think i’ve ever been as sore as i was this past week, but i also don’t think i’ve ever felt as good and proud of myself. I feel like i’ve improved SOOO much, and I can’t wait until try outs because I am confident that i am good enough.

So my obsession this week is “Come one, Come All” by All Time Low. All Time Low is probably one of my favorite bands ever. Ever since i saw them live earlier this year i have LOVED them. Their music is amazing and they were great live; they had amazing stage presence and they were really funny (not to mention pretty cute :P). This song i posted just makes me happy. I have great associations with this song, and considering what a great week i’ve had, i found it appropiate to post (even though i considered putting “get low” because that’s what the coaches as camp would yell at us all the time, however that really is an AWFUL song, so i stuck with this one).

Hope you enjoyed this week’s update and amazing song!!

Jul 25

Come one, Come all

Jul 19
Single millionaires <3

Single millionaires <3

Jul 19

quote Before you judge someone, walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you judge them, you’re a mile away and you have their shoes!

— not sure
Jul 19

post #1

so this is my first blog, and i’m wondering what i should include.

Music plays a very huge role in my life. It’s what i listen to when i’m upset, it’s how i do my homework, it’s how i  get over all the shit in my life. I usually get obsessed with a song, or a band for a few weeks or months and then i move on (though some bands have survived the test of time and are still my favorite bands!) As all of you saw, i posted a video of my latest obsession, brighten <3 they are truly amazing. I heard of them when a friend of mine made me a cd after i broke up with my boyfriend (or it may have been right before we broke up). Their songs, along with the songs of john mayer, managed to get my mood up.

As you could probably tell, my life isn’t simple, i mean i guess compared to those starving kids in africa my life is a breeze, but like every teenager out there, my life is complicated by boys and friends and school. I just got a out of a pretty short relationship and for the first time in a few months, i’m really happy. I feel free, i feel like there’s a whole world of possibilities and no one is gonna stop me from achieving my dreams. However another part of me is upset, i mean who doesn’t want to be in the arms of someone you care about? Having a prominent guy in my life always makes me happy, however that happiness always fades (just like my feelings for the guy). I guess i’m just like everyone else, looking for someone to keep me interested- looking for a guy to make me go the distance. But i have my whole life to find that guy, no rush! For now, i’m just settling for the wrong guys-yes, i’m the girl who falls for the wrong guy, the one that all my friends tell me isn’t worth it. The guy in a relationship or the older guy or the guy who lives far away. And the worst part is that i usually get that wrong guy and again and again, my friends are right. He is the wrong guy. But i find myself learning from these mistakes. I’ve become a better judge of character and finally this year i feel like i have friends who will always be there for me, no matter what, and like always, i pray that i’m right, because if not, then what’s the point?

anyways i hope u enjoyed reading that awesome intro to my life, i’ll keep updating, usually with my new music obsession, or with the drama that comes with being in high school. later <3